Endowment and Scholarships

General Endowment

The Endowment Fund is the cornerstone of institutional excellence and stability because this fund provides spendable revenue from investment earnings. Institutions of higher education compete for the best and the brightest students. Therefore, Misericordia University seeks to "grow" our endowment so that we can allocate additional resources to strengthen academic programs, award more financial aid grants, and maintain and update our facilities.

If you are interested in helping Misericordia's endowment grow, please contact Michele Shea Zabriski, Director of Development, at (570) 674-6433 or mzabrisk@misericordia.edu for more information.


Ninety-eight percent of Misericordia University students receive some form of financial aid. In addition to the traditional components of financial aid (government and parent plus loans, grants, and work-study jobs), many students also benefit from scholarships. Some are need based; others reward academic excellence or special talents. The criteria are customarily dictated by the scholarship's funder.

Endowed scholarships are underwritten by generous, insightful donors, many times Misericordia alumni, who value a college education and are willing to help others attain it. A minimum gift of $25,000 is needed to seed an endowed scholarship. The principal is never reduced. The scholarship award is derived from the fund's earned interest.

Some donors prefer to establish an annual scholarship, committing a annual gift of $2,500, often awarded to the same student for four to five years.

Endowed and annual scholarships typically are either named after their funders or they memorialize or honor a loved one. Every spring, award recipients and their parents gather with benefactors and university administrators for a special scholarship brunch.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship at Misericordia, please contact Denise Miscavage, Director of Alumni Relations, at (570) 674-6248 or dmiscava@misericordia.edu, for more information.